What causes holes in homegrown cucumbers?

The appearance of holes in cucumber is the most common issue that the gardeners have to be concerned about.  That is a kind of damage occurring for the cucumbers. That will not only be limited to one cucumber. It will spread out to some others. If holes appeared on one cucumber, the holes certainly appeared on the others. Then let us analyze what causes cucumbers to make holes.

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What causes cucumbers to grow?

Easily you could make some holes in the cucumber with your fingernails. And occasionally wildlife like box turtles will take a chomp. Those can affect the appearance of holes in cucumbers. But those are very rare chances. In such cases, the gardeners can easily deal with it. But there are some more occasions that the holes are appearing due to various bugs and some more types of fungi. The following are the most common effects for appearing holes in cucumbers.


Pickleworms are a pest type that tunnels into cucumbers. But you have to be alert to catch the particular culprit. For creating holes those are pretty icky. The havoc wreckers are the larvae of a moth. Those are piercing the cucumbers and reaching inside them. But you can assign a defense against the pickle worms. You can use a row cover placement and plant that. If you notice such an effect, the first option is to remove any infected cucumbers. By hanging out of the cucumbers you are allowing the pickle worms to spread throughout the others. Another option you can follow is spraying some insecticides over the infected cucumbers. You can take an insecticide specially made for the pickle worm.

Slug and Snails

Usually, the slug and snails are happy to consume these types of plants. The most common parts that they are consuming are the leaf, stalk, and flower. The slugs and snails both are drilling holes in matured and unmatured cucumber fruits. If you want the consumption of damaged products you can remove them by handpicking you can try new remedies for such cases.

Belly rot

In most cases, the cucumbers have fallen due to belly rot.  It can be easily identified as when the infected portions are bruised and looking to be rotten. The skins of cucumbers will be sunken. The holes can be seen as irregular spots. Before that, you will see some insignificant damage marks. Mainly a fungus called Rhizoctonia solani is causing belly rotting in the cucumber fruits. That is a soil-borne fungus. These plants overwinter in soil or infected plant debris.  They are thriving in the humidity levels.  Plants should have to be with a proper space for air circulation.

In the beginning, the cucumbers are looking a little blotchy. But within a day they completely succumb to this fungus. Once a famous pathologist from the University of Kentucky stated that the immediate resolution for these belly rot issues is the removal of the infected fruit. Not only is the removal sufficient. It is better if you can dispose of the removed fruits and other plant reschedules.

Cucumber Beetles

Cucumber beetles are some harmful pest types. These beetles are not only affected for the cucumber but also for the melons, squash, and pumpkins. These beetles are affected by many parts of the plant from the foliage, fruit, and flowers to the whole plants. Usually, the beetles can be found in June – September. And these beetles are transmitting bacterial wilt in cucumbers.


Scabs are a fungus group. Those are known as Cladosporium cucumerinum. This fungus group is also infected by the cucumbers. Their infection can be identified easily by tiny sunken spots. If you have noticed some tiny spots in your lovely Cucumbers, the fungus group is the cause of it. These spores are greenish. By that, you can easily differentiate the scab infection from belly rot and damage by pickle worms.

If only one cucumber is affected with these scab infections, not only that fruit but also the whole plantation is at a risk. The scab infection affects the foliage and stems of other cucumber plants. Apart from that, it is a type of infection, that encourages other diseases to be infected with the cucumber plant. As a solution for this disease what you should have to do is, dispose of the disease-affected plant. But make sure not to dispose of them in the compost bin. Don’t allow a breeding medium for the plants. Once you have observed these scan infections, even you can try fungicides though this is a fungal disease. There is a higher chance to get a positive result by using these things on the disease-affected plants.

These are some common issues that are happening with the cucumber plants. By using the above signs for each disease, easily you could identify what the disease type is.  Then you can use some fungicides for it.  Another thing you have to do is remove the infected part. After removing these infected parts don’t keep any space for the growth of the plants again.

Preventive measures for the Cucumber diseases

Weeding is a great preventive measure for avoiding diseases. And then sanitizing the implements is also the best option.  Good air circulation is required for the best plantation. You can avoid the negative outcomes for the plantation by growing only the healthiest plants.

Weeding is a must. Because I don’t have any space to grow these residuals. If those plants grow, it is harder to rescue the other plants. And you must keep your hands, tools and shoes sanitized to stop the spreading of harmful pathogens or other diseases via soil and contact. One famous pathologist has stated that the best preventive measure for belly rot disease is assigning a physical barrier. The black plastic mulch rolled straw to minimize the contact with soil.

And another tip for you is to plant these in well-drained soil.it is better to plant these in the well-drained soil to avoid overwet conditions during the planting. Also, well-drained soil conditions encourage harmful fungal pathogens and moisture.

For planting these you can start it during the warmer seasons of the year. And there are some pots called biodegradable pots. Those are suitable for cucumbers. You can choose some quick options to reduce yield time. One option is you could choose some varieties that mature very quickly. Another option is you could select the varieties that you are capable of harvesting at the baby size.

Use row covers when you are planting. This option will help you to keep the insects away from all your plants. The cover is the option to halt the life cycle of laying those eggs. The active time of the pickle worms is 3 – 5 hours after every sunset. That is the most required time to assign row covers. But don’t keep the plants covered all day. In the morning, uncover the plants. To prevent bugs, cover the plants again.

The details above are showing the effect of the pest on the cucumbers. Multiple diseases are affecting these cucumbers. But those diseases can be differentiated by using their symptoms. You could use some insecticides before affecting some diseases with them. Apart from that, I have mentioned some other solutions that you can follow for securing your crop. Finally, your garden will be the best. Garden caring is easy for you now. The gardeners can easily deal with their garden now with better knowledge and techniques.

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