Tips for growing violets,violas, and pansies indoors

These all are flowering plants. Some of you think that these all are the same and those all are introduced by the same name. but it is not like that. There are some differences available between these plant types. All pansies are named violas. But all violas are not known as pansies. But the two terms have become interchangeable virtually. Most commonly the violas are known to be Johnny jump in the United States.  Actually, the propagation of these plant types is very easy. Those are following some self-seeding methods. Therefore they can spread throughout space by themselves. No other source or method is required for that. There are multiple colors of the violas as violet, blue, yellow, and white-colored flowers.

 These are quite easy plant types to grow in your home gardens. Violas are considered perennials and biennials. Therefore those will retain only for one season. Those are discarded after it’s a flowering season. But you can keep them for a longer time period from cutting after the flowering season has ended. If you make only a couple of centimeters those will start to regrow. Actually, these are much easier to grow. The following tips are for you to take the best outcome at the end of the blooming and flowering season.


Growing tips for violets, violas, and pansies

 The gardens also should have to be changed in accordance with the different seasons. It might be outdoors or indoors. But all of them should have to be altered to suit the climatic changes. When we look at the Pansies and violas are some of the suitable plants that are suitable for colder seasons. Those are considered cool-season annuals. If the plants have started to grow in the season of early fall, the flowers are starting to bloom in the spring and winter.

Actually, pansies are a plant species that is derived from the violas. As above mentioned all the pansies have to be considered as violas. But not all the violas are pansies. Also easily one can differentiate between violas and pansies. The blooming flowers of violas are smaller when compared to the pansies. Violas produce more flowers per one plant. You should make a place for them that is having a space with a bit of overflow. Those are reaching at a height of 3 -8 inches.

You can choose some containers and pots as you desire for plant growth. The pansies will add more color to the garden than the violas. In order to create this garden colorfully, you can choose any color. So these are perfectly growing plants for your garden. Now, these are suitable not only for your outdoor gardens but also for the indoor gardens. Let’s check how we can transform your indoor garden best with violets, violas, and pansies.

Violets, violas, and pansies growth in indoors

 If you have any idea of starting a garden during the spring season, start with cheerful violas inside your home. The ones admiring the quality of the violas are withstanding some serious conditions. It can be called the forgiveness of the plants. I will tell you one incident where violets, violas, and pansies displayed their forgiveness quality. If the violas are kept outdoors during hard frost season, in most of the cases those are at the risk of dying. if that is another plant instead of violas, certainly those would be dead. If that plant is violated, certainly these would be recovered.

Basically, the violas are favorable to any weather conditions. These can be retained at zero temperature. If you feel uneasy about keeping the plant outside you can bring the plant indoors. As a gardener, you can plant them in containers and pots. That is for easy portability.

Get started

You can select any member of viola genius. There are some specified viola genus indoor plants. Violas are considered the best option for indoors. There are some special reasons for that. The main reason is these plants can withstand any conditions. By planting them in the containers, you can shift them outdoors, and again in the winter conditions, you can keep them indoors. Even if you don’t have your outdoor garden eve, this is a suitable plant type. The growth of them is quite easy if there are always the right tools with you.

The violas are annuals. But the reseeding process is so quick therefore it also can be considered as perennials. Then gardeners can keep them inside during winter because the flowers are pollinated and allowed to seed. Now we are going to start. Start with selecting a container.

Choose a suitable container.  It is best if you choose a comfortable container.  At least the container should have to be 6 – 8 inches high. Also, that should have to be about four inches deep. It is best if you are going to plant one plant in one pot. But if you are going to plant several plants in one you would choose a much larger container. At least keep six inches of space from each other. It is better to maintain good air circulation. As mentioned those are growing at the height of 12 inches tall.

Even it is a widely growing plant. By depending on the variety you should choose the best location with suitable conditions for growth. There are some natural conditions also required for the plant growth such as soil, good ventilation facilities, and light. Even if you are growing them in a pot make sure you have to provide the best quality soil enriched with essential nutrients.

After getting a container make some drainage holes at the bottom of it.  That should be done to protect the surface from water. And another perfect places for the violas are the windowsill. These violas are nicely fit for them. Each of the containers is contained with a dish. That is a detachable dish and even it has drilled drainage holes.

Also, you have to fill your pot by using a fresh potting mix in here. If not, the growth of the plant might have deteriorated. Especially you can use a specialized potting mixture that is customized for indoors as well as outdoors. Other than these specialized mixtures you could use coconut coir for providing more nutritional value.


Here you have to choose correctly in which place you are going to permanently plant. Based on that location only you have to do the planting.

  • If the pot doesn’t consist of holes,  then you have to make some holes.
  • Now lose the soil around the plant that you are going to plant in the pot. simply you can use your fingers for this procedure as well. Use your fingers and lose the soil on either side of the stem.
  • Tip the container. While that, use your other hand to hold the base of the root ball. Then carefully place the plant at the waiting holes.
  • After placing the plant, fill the whole container with water and soil.
  • Then choose a location where you can get a better light source.
  • Place that in such a location. Even if you are planting these indoors, choose a location that is near a window. In such locations, you will even get plenty of sunlight.

Here I have given you a few tips regarding the growing of violas, violets, and pansies indoor conditions. But maintenance of them is in your hands. You have to make them enlighten your whole house.

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