How to grow sorrel, a lemony, lively perennial herb?

What is Sorrel? Sorrel is also known to be the common sorrel and the garden sorrel. This is a perennial as well as a herbaceous plant type. This Sorrel is included in the Polygonaceae family. Other than that the Sorrels are known to be spinach dock and narrow-leaved dock. These are most suitable for the grassland habitats and most commonly those are cultivated as herbs or else as a leaf vegetables.

How to grow sorrel

Basic details of Sorrel

This is a herbaceous and perennial is reaching the height of 24 inches and the leaves are growing up to 7 – 15 centimeters. Those are consistent with bit longer petioles. Those are some basic details regarding the Sorrel, which is a perennial. Sorrel is considered a tough plant. Even it is introduced as delicious. It is rich in some more nutritious items such as manganese, vitamin C, iron. This can be included in your home gardens as ornamental plants. These are well adapted to the hardiness zones from 4 to 9. It can be grown as an annual as well as a perennial.

When considering the environmental requirement of the sorrel, it can tolerate both partial shades as well as frost. Therefore it can withstand any environmental conditions. Sorrel is an attractive plant type. It consists of red veins. It is a blonde green-colored plant. You can choose any place suitable for their growth. Residing them is also so quick. Matured plants are spreading all over gardens. Even it needs some larger space. Gardeners can easily overcome the problem of spreading plants all over the gardens by using containers for plant growth. Now let’s see how we can grow and care for sorrels easily in your home gardens.

What is Sorrel?

These are native to the Asian and European regions. Even that is considered as a member of the buckwheat plant family. The sorrel is considered a plant that has a dual identity. Because that is functioning as an herbaceous herb and as a baby leaf green. It can be used for preparing salads and cooking.

The leaves are consistent with a lemony flavor. The flavor is produced combined with oxalic acid. The taste of them is better when you pick up tender leaves. You have to get them after a couple of inches long. That is the best time to experience the flavor of these leaves. Now you would be inquisitive that, can’t we leave those leaves to grow longer than that? Yes, of course. You can leave them to grow longer than that. But those will become tougher. Also, the taste will turn into a bitter and tart taste. This is the best option for any dish of yours. Because these contain milder tasting greens. The starchy soup ingredients such as rice and potatoes are suitable other things to use with Sorrels. But don’t use too many of them. Because that can change the taste of other meals.

 The garden or English sorrel are used in the eastern European cooking trends. Those are lemon-lime-colored leaves type. And these are most commonly observed in the preparation of the cream-based stews and soups. The normal size of the plant is an 18 – 24 inch stall. But the leaves are edible only at eight inches long.


You can enjoy a garden full of sorrel once the growing season appears.  The plants are spreading so quickly. After ending one season again they come back on their own. if you have an idea to start propagating these plants this is the best time for it.

Start from seeds

The best season for seeding is mid-spring. The season has all the necessary facts to start a successful garden. So it is better if you can start seeding in that season. The depth of the planting hole should be 1 inch at least and have to keep 1-inch space apart from each other. When you are going to harvest bunching green, you should have to seed keeping a distance of 12 – 18 inches in between two rows. After they have reached the height of one inch you have to thin the seedlings 8 inches apart from each other. Wait until at least one set of true leaves appeared in that 1-inch tall plant.

And if you are willing to eat the entire crop, plant 12 seeds within 1 foot. And even plan to cut the whole plant when those plants reach the height of 3 – 6 inches. Surely these will add an extraordinary look for the plants.

Only planting is not sufficient. You have to provide the other facts required for successful growth. Keep the soil moist and watering has to be perfect.  And this might be a useful tip for you. Start seeding indoors at least 3 weeks before the average last frost in your space. Although make sure that the plants get bright light. Bright light is not essential compulsorily. But make sure to provide enough light required for the growth of those plants. After providing the all essential facts you would be able to get a successful outcome after some time. Certainly, you would be glad by seeing your fruit of effort.


You should wait at least a week or so after the average last frost date. Have to make soil at least 8 inches down. And then add some organic fertilisers for the soil. Make sure you are keeping the plants at least 12 inches apart from each other. Keep some space to get air circulation in between the plants. So don’t plant them near other types of herbs, garden elements and vegetables. But don’t make the soil much more monstrous. If you have done it surely the plant would be rotten.

Other things required

Always Sorrel prefers well-drained soil. So that you have to always supply well-drained soil for plants. And those like for some organic matters rich with nutritious constituents. The pH range should lie between 5.5 – 6.8. As mentioned above, it requires some sunlight. At least 6 hours per day, the plant should receive the best light sources. Sometimes it can be grown in the shade as well.

If you have an idea to improve the quality of the leaves and flowering of the bolting, keep the plants in a shady location. But leaves are not growing at the normal speed. Especially if you have an idea to grow these plants in a container, always choose a container with drainage holes. Because these holes are helpful to remove the moisture. For one plant the one-pot has to be wider by about 6 inches. And select a pot made with materials that retain moisture levels inside. Don’t get sealed pots because they tend to dry out quickly.

Select the pots made with lightweight materials, when you are going to plant multiple plants in one location. You should select a pot from lightweight material because if you choose any harder material, it would be difficult to form from one place to another. to retain moisture around the plant’s mulch around the plants. You can use some grass clippings, shredded bark, and pine straw for that purpose.

These are all facts mentioned in the above area regarding the Sorrel plants. If you desire to grow them in your home garden this is the best chance for you. Get an idea for successful gardening by these. So perfectly create the best garden.

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