How to grow and care for lucky bamboo houseplants?

The lucky bamboos are household plant types. These are very easy to care for and grow indoors as well as outdoors. The speciality of these is they can resist during lower sunlight conditions. All of you surely think that this is a bamboo type. But it is not like that. It is a tropical water lily plant type. It is known as Dracaena Sanderiana. This is named lucky bamboo because that is considered a plant type that brings luck and prosperity. It is considered to be the most popular feng shui cure. There is a belief that these plants will enhance the flow of positive energy with the home or place where you have grown these lucky bamboo types. Let’s look at some more details regarding these lucky bamboos.

lucky bamboo


The history of the Chinese Bamboo is extended over 4000 years. Especially in Asian culture, lucky bamboos are considered as a symbolism of good fortune.  As well as they are taken as a celebration part during the new year and other religious festivals. There are some significant qualities as follows.

Significance of Lucky Bamboo

  • The luck of the bamboo tree depends on the number of stalks according to Chinese tradition.
  • Love is represented by two stalks.
  • Wealth, happiness, and love are represented by three stalks.
  • If there are six stalks, that symbolizes luck and prosperity.
  • Wealth, good health, and happiness are denoted by seven stalks.
  • Eight stalks are a great motivator as well as a luck enhancer.
  • If there are nine stalks, that is denoted as good fortune.
  • Completion and perfection are denoted by ten stalks.
  • Twenty-one stalks represent blessings and abundance.

So these are some details regarding the lucky Bamboo. Then let us see how we can grow and care for lucky bamboo inside your home garden. If you are expected to start planting these, these will be helpful for you.

Growing and caring

 As I mentioned above, lucky bamboo is a perfect selection for every indoor garden. Especially if you are a person who is willing to start an indoor garden, lucky bamboos are a perfect choice. Gardeners at any level can start their garden with these.

 Lucky Bamboo

This is the most commonly cultivated houseplant. That can be grown hydroponically. Or else you can grow them in soil. But hydroponic plating is better for the Luckey bamboo plant. This is a member of the Asparagaceae family. Those are consistent with deep roots. The deep roots are even denoting love, health, luck, fortune, and growth according to Chinese philosophy.  You have to check the accuracy of these beliefs only after planting these lucky bamboos. Now, this is your chance to plant them.

The growing conditions require for lucky bamboos

 There are some required and suitable conditions for their growth. The most required condition for planting is the warming conditions. If it is grown indoors even, you should provide the required environmental conditions. It will add a bright look to your place. It is possible to plant these lucky bamboos on outside soil. But too colder climate weather and strong sunlight can harm the lucky bamboos and any other tropical water lily plant types. Then the following steps are for caring for the lucky bamboos.

Cleaning the container that is used for planting

 This is the most essential thing that you should have to do. Because cleanliness is essential when you are going to start planting. in a pot, that should have to be kept clean. After planting you should even have to keep them clean.  At least every few months gardeners should clean these pots. And then have to provide water. This has to be done to prevent the formation of Algae.

Give it plenty of light

 This is the best indoor plant for you. Because the plant can withstand low light conditions. They can tolerate some partial shade and indirect sunlight. When those are revealed into brighter light conditions the bamboo will grow faster. But don’t keep these plants for brighter light conditions. Also, don’t expose them to direct sunlight. Keeping them in a bright room can increase longevity.

Filter water

 The lucky bamboos can grow in soil as well as water. When you are going to grow these in a water body, make sure to always use clean and distilled water. Even try to get filtered water without any germs. The best option is to keep the soil moisturized and healthy always. That is always better for the growth of the lucky bamboo.

Choose the right container

 This is an essential fact that you should consider when planting these lucky bamboos. When you are buying these lucky bamboos, usually you will get a container with them. And sometimes there are pebbles and beads on the top of these pots. If that bamboo tree has overgrown from the pot, you will need to transfer it to another container. In such cases, you have to select a suitable container for that plant. Make sure that the other plant will sustain in that container.

  First of all, dig the bamboo plant. Then again wash the pebbles. That has to be done before transferring that into a pot. Then add the bamboo plant, carefully. In this step make sure not to break the root parts. Ensure all roots are covered by the pebbles after reburying. And maintain the water level high to cover the roots in the pot. But don’t maintain it too high but make sure not to keep the bamboo stalks wet.

Make proper drainage

When your lucky bamboos are growing in soil, make sure that there is a good drainage system. In most cases, these prefer moist soil. They require some water. But don’t overwater. Overwatering may cause deterioration or the rotting of the plant growth. Watering should be done when you feel the soil is dried. Water the top inch of the soil to make the soil wet.

 The above details are regarding the lucky bamboo plant which brings out the luck and prosperity of the house and surroundings. The following details will state the common shapes of the Bamboo plants.

2 layer lucky bamboo plant

This belongs to the family of Dracaena sanderiana. Most of the time it requires bright and filtered light conditions to grow well growth. Generally, these are growing in glass vases. And you can use some pebbles to decorate that. If you can pot them in well-aerated soil it will be a supplement for it.

3 layer lucky bamboo plant

The scientific name for this is dracaena Braunii. Other than that it is called friendship bamboo, Chinese bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, and curly bamboo. In countries like China, Taiwan, and India we can observe these plant types indoors. These lucky bamboos also can grow in very low light conditions.

7 layer lucky bamboo

 This is considered a gifting plant. These are especially perfect gifts for occasions like professional and casual. This is also another plant type that has a belief it brings prosperity and calmness to your area.  When you are propagating this plant type, it is advised to use filtered and germ-free water. Make sure not to make roots decay.

 These all above details are regarding lucky Bamboo trees. In the given steps you would be able to make use of these things. I’m sure that you would gain a better outcome by using these tips. Create your own best garden.

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