How And When To Prune Your Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf pig is a famous indoor plant. Also, it is the best suit for any indoor conditions. If you are looking for the best indoor plants that suit any indoor conditions, the fiddle leaf fig is a suitable plant. Here I have mentioned that it is suitable for many conditions, but it doesn’t mean you can grow plants without any care. It requires some caring and more other physical factors. So this is a guide to provide what are the essentials that require for growth.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Fiddle leaf fig plants

Fiddle leaf fig or Ficus lyrata is a popular indoor plant. It is a bit large plant and it also has expanded and heavy veins. It has consisted of violin-shaped leaves. Those leaves are just growing directly upwards. Also, it is with a sleek trunk. This is even the best suit for your rooms as well. But it is best for your rooms only if there is enough space. They are growing at a height at least 6 feet tall. The following is some basic information regarding the fiddle leaf fig.

The botanical name of the fiddle leaf fig is the Ficus lyrata. It is included in the  Moraceae family. Broadleaf evergreen is the plant type. After maturing the plant will reach the height of about 50 feet outdoors while it reaches up to 10 feet indoors. The fiddle leaf plant can grow without sunlight. But it requires sunlight. They require soil conditions are loamy, medium moisture and well-drained soil conditions

The pH value in the soil should be maintained at 6-7. The flowers are blooming in the fiddle leaf plant in its native time. Rarely flowers are blooming outside of their flowering season. especially these plants are adapted to the tropical western region of Africa.

This is challenging for home gardeners. It prefers both dry and wet conditions and they require both of them. Only one condition is not enough. If you are growing the plants indoors make sure that they move or rotate from place to place. Because you have to place that getting better light sources. The main things required for them are light, soil, water, and good fertilizers.  Even it needs some natural conditions like temperature and humidity. As a home gardener, you can’t control these conditions. But you have to select the best places with these natural conditions. There are some varieties of fiddle leaf figs are present. You can select what is the best variety requires for your home garden.

As I previously said, there are some factors required for the best growth of the plants. Maintenance is essential for perfect growth. Pruning is one of the required things for these fiddle leaf plants.


The leaves of the fiddle leaf plants have to be pruned very often. Damaged leaves have to be removed. Don’t allow plants for overgrowing. Have to make cuts on the trunk of these plants. By the following, you would be able to be aware of some more details regarding the pruning of the plants. These facts would be beneficial for you when you become a home gardener.

Before begins pruning

 Home gardeners should consider multiple facts before beginning the pruning process. You should select the best season for that process. The best time for pruning is in the spring season. After pruning it requires fuel or an increasing agent to recover the plant and for the new growth. Another perfect time to try pruning is early summer.

Get ready with a pair of pruning shears. Because sometimes other tools and scissors are causing damage to the plant and the stem. Make sure that the pair of pruning scissors are sharp enough for this task. Before beginning the process you have to do a perfect study of pruning methods. If not the plant would be damaged and it will deteriorate the growth. Then if you are going to do the pruning inside of your house, you have to be careful about the floor of your house. You should put down a piece of paper or some clothes under the tree.  There you will see a sticky sap coming out from the place that you have pruned. It can damage the floor.

Your work is huge if that happens. And before beginning the process, clean all the equipment that you are going to use while pruning. Germs can infect the plant with diseases. After completing all these things, now you can start pruning.

How to do pruning?

This is a process that should have to be done very carefully.  A very little mistake can lead to ruining the whole task. Also, keep your focus on the goal. Be careful because you can’t undo what you have done. I recommend you highlight the branches that you are going to prune. Don’t be quick, do it very slowly.

Decide it first

BasTheree two shapes of the fiddle leaf fig plant. Tree type and the bush type. If you have a small plant prune it in a bushier shape. And if the plant is larger, shape it into a tree shape. Those are the best options. Decide whether what is required for you and which is the best suit for the plant.


You should consider the overall health of the plant. Also, consider the health of stems and the leaves. Have a plan to remove which parts. As an example, if there are leaves with brown spots and branches having lesser leaves growth highlights them also for pruning.

Removal of crossing branches

This should be done if the branches are fully crowded.  You have to provide airflow by reducing the crowded plant.

Make your imagination a reality

 When you are planting this plant certainly you are imagining a future image of this plant. Now you should turn your imagination into reality by pruning and shaping the plant. If the plant gets spread throughout all your room and walls it would be very inappropriate. So keep a limit for the height, color as well as size. And you have to make balance on this pruning leaves and branches. Keep in mind that you are going to make an attractive outcome.

New growth

After pruning the plants, the branches will start to grow again. If the plant is healthier the branches will split and grow again in the pruned place. But if it is not getting perfect light conditions, the growth would be discontinued. So provide lightning conditions required for the plant. Then gradually the plant will become healthier and fuller.


Fertilizers are a need. But don’t over-fertilize. If there are some disorders for the plant or else if the growth has deteriorated, fertilizers are required. After using the fertilizer you will observe new growth and new color.

These are the steps to make your plant pruning successful. Especially you have to pay attention to the unhealthy plant leaves and the branches. Provide space for good air circulation. If the plant gets too crowded the plant won’t get enough facilities to grow it. don’t prevent the plant from reaching the height of 8 feet. Don’t make your indoor plant garden crowded. So these are the best options that you can select for your garden. It requires some lesser facilities. therefore begin the process today onwards. But make sure you have a goal of making an attractive plant for your garden. By using the tips given above encourage fiddle plants to produce new leaves and ranches.

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